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Chicken Marsala in less than 20 minutes with Campbell’s Skillet Sauces!

I stay so busy that some days I am not sure if I am coming and going or if I already went. It seems someone adds something else to my schedule or there is an “emergency” every day that puts me behind.  Meal time often suffers as most days I really don’t have time to cook a balanced, healthy meal.  I resort to boring sandwiches, soup or a microwave meal.

I love to eat a good meal and would like to add more variety into my diet.  I am always looking for recipes and ideas of how to make healthier, delicious meals in minutes.

Cambells Skillet Sauces

When I saw that Campbell’s® had a new line of products called Campbell’s® Skillet Sauces, I was pretty excited. I love Campbell’s® and have grown up enjoying their soups as meals and ingredients for various recipes.  Then I saw the instructions and thought wow, I can do this!  You can prepare a delicious meal for 2 or more people in less than 20 minutes with just 3 ingredients!

Yesterday I tried the Campbell’s® Marsala with Mushrooms & Garlic Skillet Sauce.  It was so simple to make, just heat, add, stir then eat! The sauces was really creamy and tasted great. There was enough for about 3 proper portions or 2 larger servings.  It took less than 20 minutes from start to finish.

Here is how I made it:

Ingredients Needed:

  • Campbell’s Marsala Skillet Sauce
  • 2 Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts
  • a little Olive Oil
  •  2-3 servings of pasta noodles of your choice (I used angel hair)


  • Cut chicken into strips & then add to a pre-heated pan with a little olive oil.
  • While chicken is cooking, cook your pasta in another pot.
  • Once chicken is browned, add the Campbell’s® Skillet Sauce into the sauce pan.
  • Reduce heat and cover for five minutes.
  • Serve the chicken and Marsala Sauce on top of your pasta

Campell’s® also has five other Skillet Sauces:   Toasted Sesame, Creamy Chipotle, Scampi, Thai Green Curry and Fire Roasted Tomato. Each packet comes with simple instructions on the back.  I think it is great that we can make delicious meals in such a short amount of time.  Thanks Campbell’s® for another product that saves us time and is “mmm mmm good!”.

You can learn more about the sauces and view the nutrition facts at:  You can also like Campbell’s® Facebook page at: and follow them on Twitter: @CampbellSoupCo

 What do you think about saving time and preserving taste with Campbell’s Skillet Sauces? Have you tried them or will you be trying them soon? Your comments, shares, likes & pins are appreciated!

*Disclosure I received compensation via products and/or payment for this post. Regardless all opinions and thoughts are 100% my own and were not influenced by the compensation.



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