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The Direct Sales & Party Plan Success Course is for you if:

  • You are ready to work smarter, not harder and make more money in less time in your direct sales or party plan business.

  • You are you tired of struggling & trying to figure out things as you go and learning the hard way.
  • You want to be able to achieve the levels of success you see other consultants reaching & you  know in your heart that you are capable of accomplishing more than what you are right now.
  • ​You want to step into leadership and change your financial future by also impacting the lives of others.
  • You would like to learn how to better balance your home business and your busy life and manage your time and finances better.
  • ​You would like the support of a Business Success Coach & Small Group mastermind of other who have similar goals & ambitions to encourage, inspire, further your learning & help hold you accountable as you work to reach your goals and dreams.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to develop the mindset of a successful entrepreneur so you can overcome challenges and work your business like a business
  • How to set up a schedule, create and implement systems for success that allow you to work less and make more $
  • How to create an authentic brand and become a master at marketing your business in your local market and online in social media
  • The exact steps you can take to easily date parties, have a fully booked calendar every month and customers calling you with orders and referrals
  • How to easily manage your time, schedule & finances like a profitable & responsible business owner
  • What you need to do at vendor events to get bookings, recruits, sales and explode your business
  • A simple to follow process that will help you become more confident and be in control of your home, catalog and online parties to boost sales, bookings and recruits & make the party your office
  • How to build your dream team and the exact steps get new consultants on the fast track to success and promote new leaders
  • The skills you must develop to be an effective Team Leader and specific systems to implement for training your team
  • 10 Must Have Habits you need to develop to be a super successful direct sales consultant
  • Specific Action Plans and Steps for Success to implement all of the training
  • Plus much, much more!

The Direct Sales & Party Plan Success Course is designed to give you the step by step tools, training and support to be able to take your business to the next level.

Each week we will cover an essential business topic through recorded training videos,
handouts, templates, resources, group discussions & step by step action plans.

All the videos are recorded so you can watch them at your own pace on your schedule.

You will also have lifetime access to all of the training so you can go back and reference or access any of the templates, training videos and documents anytime!

Week 1 
Planning for Success

•Video 1 - Welcome & Getting Started
•Video 2 - Using & Setting up your Direct Sales Success Planner
•Video 3 – Planning for Success in your Direct Sales Business
•Handouts, Resources, Templates & Action Plan for Success

Week 2
The CEO of Me® Mindset

•Video 1 - Developing The Mindset of a CEO of Me®
•Video 2 – Creating Your Vision for your Life & Business
•Video 3 – Creating Your Business Action Plan
•Handouts, Resources, Templates & Action Plan for Success

Week 3

•Video 1 – Marketing, Branding & Customer Service
•Video 2 – How to Market Your Business Offline
•Video 3 – How to Market Your Business Online
•Handouts, Resources, Templates & Action Plan for Success

Week 4

•Video 1 – How to be a Party Professional •Video 2 – Dating Parties with Ease
•Video 3 - Host Coaching for $1000+ Parties •Video 4 – Home Parties
•Video 5 –Online/Virtual Parties
•Video 6 – Catalog Parties & Other Party Ideas
•Handouts, Resources, Templates & Action Plan for Success

Week 5
Vendor Events

•Video 1 – Vendor Event Basics (Why do them, Where to find them, What to consider)
•Video 2 – Preparing for your Event (Organizing Tips, Set Up Tips, Booth Layout)
•Video 3 – How to Get HOT Leads & Explode Your Business at Vendor Events
•Handouts, Resources, Templates & Action Plan for Success

Direct Sales & Party Plan Success Course by Misty Kearns, CEO of Me®

Week 6

•Video 1 – The WHY of Recruiting & How to be a Rock Star Recruiter
•Video 2 – The HOW of Recruiting Part 1: Recruiting Interviews, Opportunity Events & Word Choices
•Video 3 – The HOW of Recruiting Part 2: Recorded Opportunity Calls & Video Presentations
•Video 4 – What to do once you have a Recruit to Set them up for Success
•Handouts, Resources, Templates & Action Plan for Success

Week 7
Team Leadership

•Video 1 –Being a Leader who is worth Following
•Video 2 – Developing & Promoting Leaders on Your Own Team
•Video 3 – Implementing Team Training Systems & Balancing your personal business & team
•Handouts, Resources, Templates & Action Plan for Success

Week 8
Systems & Steps to Success

•Video 1 – Developing the Habits of Highly Successful Direct Sales Consultants
•Video 2 – Creating & Implementing Systems
•Video 3 – Next Steps to Take to Continue to Successfully Reach Your Goals
•Handouts, Resources, Templates & Action Plan for Success

Members Only
Private Facebook Group

•Enjoy additional coaching, training, support and resources in a private, members only Facebook group.
•Plus weekly discussions, motivational thoughts, encouragement & accountability.
•Each group will have around 20-30 members.

What makes this course different?

  1. The content. There really is not another course like this one available for direct sales & party plan consultants online or offline. You will have lifetime access to over 12 hours of recorded training videos, nearly 80 pages of handouts, business templates and tools. You can go at your own pace each week and go back and access any of the training later on as the videos are recorded and the content is available in your member account as soon as the course starts. 
  2. The value. Over $800 worth of video and written training, templates, tools and business materials for less than the investment of your earnings from two parties. Plus the popular CEO of Me® Direct Sales Success Planner and a surprise bonus gift are also included. (Already purchased the Success Planner? Use the coupon code IOWNIT to take an additional $15 off the course price.)
  3. The step by step action plans. You won't be overwhelmed with all the awesome information because you will be equipped with action plans and steps for success in every Module and each essential business topic.
  4. The coaching. Misty has over 8 1/2 years experience as a Top Leader in her Direct Sales Company & is passionate about empowering others to dream bigger, work smarter and live better. She is ready to share all her secrets to success with you and will be available to answer your questions in the Facebook group throughout the course.
  5. The small group mastermind. You will not be going through this course on your own. You will be part of a small group of like-minded direct sales & party plan entrepreneurs (only 20-30 in each group) who are focused on growing their business and supporting each other. The connections and accountability are invaluable!

About Misty

Hello! I’m Misty Kearns, Success Coach & Founder of CEO of Me®. 

I have been a Top Leader in my Direct Sales Company for the past 8 and a half years. I started for the discount with no intention of building a business. I did not think I could be successful in sales much less leadership. After losing my full time job & not wanting to go back to the corporate world I began building my business. I was able to replace my full time income in just 6 months and I found out that direct sales offers so many rewards beyond an income. I have earned free trips, the keys & title to my own convertible & recognition but the best rewards have been the belief in myself, confidence, friendships and being able to live life on my terms! My true passion is teaching others how to build their own successful business which is why I decided to become a Small Business Success Coach. In this course I am spilling all my secrets to success that have only been available to my own team until now! Why? Because I love helping other female entrepreneurs learn how to dream bigger, work smarter and live better. I also believe Direct Sales is an awesome platform to help you get to the other side of your dreams. I can’t wait to work with you & help you reach your goals through all the training included in this course! 

Let's work together to build your successful business!

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Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee your success as that depends on whether or not you actually apply the training and tools you will learn about in this course. I can promise that you if you actually apply the methods, systems and tools from this course in your business and work at it consistently that you will be able to see remarkable results and more success!

Next class starts March 30. 
Enrollment ends April 4.
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