Save time, taste, waste, money & space with Tupperware!

I might be just a little bit biased in this post since it’s about the company and opportunity that helped me become a CEO of Me™ and has provided me with a full time income for nearly 6 years now, but I think most everyone will agree that Tupperware is a great product!  In fact, Forbes has named it as one of the top household brands for several years in a row and it has been named one of the best inventions of the 20th century too!  Did you know that a Tupperware party starts every 2.2 seconds somewhere in the world and Tupperware is over 100 countries now?  Tupperware will celebrate it’s 65th anniversary next year. I’m so proud to be an Independent Director with such a reputable company that is focused on promoting sustainability and inspiring confidence in others through our opportunity.

I am amazed how many people tell me that they did not know that Tupperware was still around or that they haven’t seen the products or been to a party in years.  We are still here and I’m happy to help you enjoy your favorite products that you remember your grandmother using as well as new, innovative products for your kitchen and home.  And yes, we do still hold Tupperware parties, but you will find they are an entire new experience than the ones your mother or grandmother may have hosted years ago. We also offer convenient online and catalog parties now too.

Tupperware’s products can help you save time, taste, waste, money & space.  We have so many products now that it is hard to choose just a few products/product lines to highlight.

We will be having our annual Modular Mates sale starting Dec 14. All Modular Mates and storage products like our cereal storers, spice containers and canister sets will be on sale for 40% off! This only happens once a year!  Now is a great time to get your pantry organized. Modular Mates will extend the shelf life of your dry goods up to 3 times as long. I have cereal in my pantry that has been there for well over a year. (I rarely eat cereal). They are made to stack on top of each other as high as your shelf can go. I have Modular Mates in every single room of my house.  You can go ahead and pre-order at the sales price by contacting me.

One product that is a top pick by party hosts with their free host credits is our Quick Chef. This product covers so many bases and is my go-to kitchen gadget. It works as a chopper, food processor, mixer and salad spinner! It comes with several pieces you can switch out and a seal for the bowl so you can use it to store and refrigerate in too. It is also dishwasher safe. I make many different types of salsa, egg salad and chicken salad with the chopping blades. I can mix a box of cake mix with the whipping paddle or make chocolate mouse. The salad spinner basket makes it easy to wash and spin my salad and fresh veggies before I eat them. It also comes with a funnel you can attach to pour in liquid ingredients while chopping or mixing.

While it is hard to choose a favorite, I think the products I use the most are the everyday products like the Impressions Tumblers, Eco Water Bottles, Microwave Cereal Bowls, Microwave Lunch Plates, Snack Cups, Sandwich Keepers and Vent n Serve bowls.  I am able to save a significant amount of money year after year while also being eco-friendly by using these products instead of purchasing and throwing away paper, plastic and styrofoam products. (Did you know that styrofoam is not biodegrable?)  The Vent n Serve containers are very versitale. They can be used in the microwave, fridge, freezer and are dishwasher safe. They also are stain resistant.

We also still have our favorite Children’s products like the Shape-O Toy, Bell Tumblers and Sipper Seals as well as several Disney® and other licensed cartoon character sets like Hello Kitty, Sponge Bob and Dora.  We have products for the Freezer, FridgeSmarts for keeping produce fresh 3 times as long, Steaming & cooking in the microwave, Stainless Steel Cutlery and Cookware and so much more!

Of course I have to share a little about our opportunity as it has totally changed my life. Right now you can begin your own business for just $30 down. You will receive a kit worth $350 plus a free bonus FridgeSmart plus so many extra perks and benefits.  New consultants can earn over $1000 in free products plus an iPad in their first 4 months too. You can learn more about our opportunity here. You can also read my full Tupperware story here.

You can also visit my website to view all of our new products and current specials at:  Be sure to like my Facebook page to stay up to date on new specials, recipes and product tips:

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Tupperware. Please let me know if I can help you with anything at all!

Also here is your chance to win a free Tupperware Big Wonders Cereal Bowl Set too (each bowl is a 2 cup capacity)! Just go through the Rafflecopter below to enter to win.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Visit the Showcase to check out the other vendors and enter our big, $400 value Gifts for All Gift Set Giveaway too!



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  1. bella says

    I try to comment and this is what I get

    We apologize, but the page or Tupperware Consultant website you are requesting is currently unavailable. Please contact your Consultant with any questions, or click here to find a local Director.

  2. Donna Cheatle says

    I really like the whip and prep chef….that thing is way cool! I have a lot of tupperware in my kitchen already so I get excited when I see something I don’t have, lol

  3. Margaret Smith says

    I really like the Servalier 5-Pc. Bowl Set. I love the color and these are perfect sizes.
    Thanks so much.

  4. Jennifer Rote says

    Rectangular Cake Taker = perfect to take cupcakes to school, and the Servalier 5-Pc. Bowl Set – I’m always looking for another bowl.

  5. La Nora Richardson says

    I love how the Forget Me Not set keeps the onion smell out of the refrigerator, and I also love the can opener because it does not make the lid or the can sharp enough to cut the skin! Thank you!!

  6. says

    I liked the Keep Tabs 5 pc set and the Square Pick-A-Deli Container, who couldn’t use more stackable storage with unlimited uses in the home & easy access to smaller foods too! I also liked the Appetizers & New Classics recipies books, who couldn’t use new recipes for entertaining and to round it out at 5 items, I also liked the microwave cereal bowls- another item you can never have too many of in your kitchen!

  7. krista grandstaff says

    I love the Mix ‘ n Store pitcher, and the Pick-a-deli…especially the Pick…I always try to take my parents when I go home to visit…lol..

  8. corina parsons says

    I like the FridgeSmart® Containers and the Microwave Cereal Bowls because I need tupperware and have a horrible time storing things in my fridge. Both of these items would be great for staorage!

  9. Marlene V says

    I really like the Disney Peek-A-Boo Tumblers (my kids would love these) and the
    Savor Chocolate Recipe Booklet (I would love some new sweet recipes!!)

  10. Helene Tienda says

    You want me to just pick a couple!?!? Alright then, the Impressions Classic Bowl Set and the Chip & Dip Set. I LOVE Tupperware, thanks for the giveaway!!!

  11. tina reynolds says

    I love the Early Ages Eco™ Super Heroes Complete Baby Set with Feeding Spoons it would be the perfect set for my little guy thanks so much for the chance to win .

  12. Debra L.Guillen says

    I like the Freezer Mates® Holiday Set…the holidays always leave a lot of leftovers and these would be great for freezing some of those for later.

  13. Maureen Butcher says

    I saw the hour glass salt & pepper shaker and butter dish for a limited time. Then too I I like the green product line!

  14. Julie Thompson says

    I like the 3pc multi purpose knives because i think everyone should have them they are very useful and I have a friend who doesn’t have one. But for me I want the cocoa and the chocolate cookbook because what can I say I am a chocolate addict especially when I have PMS. Thank you for the giveaway.

  15. Gail Williams says

    I like the green living shopping bag because I value using my own bags at grocery stores. I also like the green stackable fridge square containers because we save leftovers even in small amounts and this is perfect.

  16. Racheal says

    The Early Ages Eco Super-Heroes kids party set is adorable, I would love to get it for my godson. For me, I’d love the Crystal Wave Lunch’n dish with cold cup.

  17. Bernice says

    I like the Princess snack set & The Dora Safari lunch set ,They would be perfect for my Daughters They just started taking lunch to school

  18. says

    I think I would like the Quick Chef. It is convenience in one tool. I remember using the tupperware cups for the kids and the pop seal on the bowl containers from my mom’s collection.

  19. Kathy Ross says

    I like the Vent ’N Serve® Medium Containers. I have a set in a different color but I really like blue! These are great to use!!!

  20. kim lazor says

    Love Tupperware! I used to be a rep for it. Love the new products. I like the Start to Finish Serving Set…great for the kids and perfect color for the holidays. Thanks!

  21. Nena Sinclair says

    I like the Tupperware Can Opener, I like the design and I really need a new one. I love the 20 qt Chef Series Stockpot, I make a lot of soups, stews and chilis and this would be perfect for that!

  22. T Manahan says

    I could so use the “Serving Centers Set” for parties and storage! I also love the “Access Mates Large Container with Veg-Out Panel” for atoring my Costco veggies!

  23. June Isbel says

    I Love the Microwave set! I neer dishes that are microwave safe all my tupperware that my kidsw have put in the microwave have a burnt ring on the inside! :(

  24. Michelle Tucker says

    I like the Stuff It! 6-Pc. Stuffables® Set and the Freezer Mates® Holiday Set because we really need some good food storage in the home.

  25. Ellen Russell says

    The super hero party starter set is adorable! My son would love something like that.
    Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  26. Jennifer Mae Hiles says

    I really like the can opener. Mine is shot so a nice one like this would be great. I also like the cereal storers. Those are great when spring comes and so do the ants.

  27. Glenna F says

    I would love the One Touch® Reminder Canister Set, because they would help keep my ingredients fresh and I love the little window to see what is inside. I could really use the Chef Series 20-Qt./19 L Stockpot, it would be great for my family.

  28. Darlene Owen says

    I would like the Early Ages Eco™ Super Heroes Complete Baby Set with Feeding Spoons as I have 2 new baby granddaughters.

  29. Mary DeBorde says

    We’ve loved and used Tupperware since the mid 70’s <3
    I also really liked the Modular Mates square set, and the
    Servalier 5 pc bowl set :)

  30. susan smoaks says

    i would like to get the Modular Mates® Square Set and the Early Ages Eco™ Super Heroes Complete Baby Set with Feeding Spoons. i need some good tupperware!

  31. Richelle says

    I would love the following for my kids: Bell Tumbler Set, Sipper Seal® Domed Set, Ideal Lit’l Bowl Set and Tupperware® Impressions Pitcher and Tumblers.

  32. Beverly Metcalf says

    I love all the tupperware items I have collected over the years. I really could use a Super Cereal Storer and I like the spice containers too. My favorite is the lettuce keeper, it keeps a head of lettuce fresh for a long time. Thanks for this contest.

  33. Brenda R says

    TupperWave® Stack Cooker Starter Set, Freezer Mates and the Vent ‘N Serve® Divided Dish are very nice – they’ve expanded the line so much since I was a rep 25 years ago!