Seven Ideas to Build Your Direct Sales or Party Plan Business outside of the Home Party

If you are a direct sales or home party plan consultant, you know that the power of your business lies in the home party.  However, there are times when your calendar might be a little bare due to the season or cancellations.   There are many ways that you can build your direct sales or home party plan business outside of the home party.  These methods should not replace the home parties though, they should be used for incremental sales or to rev up your business when home parties are low.

direct sales and home party plan business success tips

Here are Seven Ideas to Build Your Direct Sales or Party Plan Business outside of the Home Party:

1. Host a Mystery Host Party at your house one night or afternoon! Everyone who attends and orders is entered to be the host of the party and get all the host credits and bonuses OR you could even draw for a winner of a FREE Business Kit & use part of your commission from the sales to pay for the kit & keep part of the host credits for yourself to gain a new recruit!

2. Set up a Stop n Shop party at your office or a local restaurant after work one day (or offer to do this for your customers, friends, hosts)! Set up your kit, set up some games and prize drawings and let your friends stop in and see the newest products, catalog and sales fliers and shop!  If you have or can sell cash n carry, bring some products and offer them as bonus buys with a minimum purchase amount.

3. Mini Parties! Get 12 friends or customers to collect $150 in orders for you. Put all the orders in one party order & split the host credits between those who collected and submitted orders. Depending on how your host program works, each person would be able to receive $20-$50 in free items! (You’ll make a great commission from this too!)

4. Set up an online party  and share the link on Facebook, your website, networking groups, your customer email list… Offer daily order specials, share product tips and gift ideas on the event. You could do a mystery host party through the online party too.

5. Hold a fundraiser for your church, school, favorite charity or family in need. If your company does not offer a Fundraising program, consider donation a portion of your commission to a worth cause.

6. Hold a special themed / seasonal sale sale! (back to school, valentines, labor day, etc…) Offer for customers to get 15% off any 1 item of their choice when they place at least a $15 order with you by a certain date OR everyone who places an order  by a certain date gets entered to win a $25 surprise pack OR gets free shipping or a free gift… Get creative & be excited (but don’t give away too much of your commission either – you don’t want to devalue your products or lose income).

7.  Don’t forget about vendor events – look for festivals, bazaars, fundraisers, events you can set a booth up to work to get leads, meet new people and market your business.  Read more about how to have Successful Vendor Events here.

The bottom line though is to “Just do it”! We can do and achieve anything we put our minds to. If we want to make something happen, we will. Be excited, share the excitement and believe that you can earn all the great prizes & promotions that your company offers, plus a great income. Get to work! You can do it!!!


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  1. says

    Great information. Thank you for sharing. I manufacture and sell retail bath, body and skincare products. I have been researching the pros and cons of developing this company into a direct sales company. Your information is very helpful.

  2. says

    Great advice.. you are spot on. These are great ideas not to replace the Home Party but to add to them! Thank you for sharing, I will make sure our Sleep Consutlants are aware of all fo them.

    Randi Farina
    National Sales Director
    Living Fresh Collection

  3. Lays says

    These are great ideas! How does setting up in a resturant work? I feel like the manager would feel like we are opposing if ladies are just dropping in and not ordering anything from the restaurant .